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I want a sleeping platform for my SUV to go car camping. Does the Hideaway fit my vehicle?

I want a sleeping platform for my SUV to go car camping. Does the Hideaway fit my vehicle?

We get this question a lot. The short answer is this – if you can sleep in it, we can fit in it. That’s the beauty of the Hideaway – with the quick-adjust legs and telescoping length it’s compatible with almost any SUV, crossover, wagon, or pickup on the market. 

We are so thrilled with the support so far from the car camping / overlanding community. These first customers share our passion for getting out there in the vehicle they already own. Some were tired of taking their heavy roof top tent (RTT) on and off every time they went on a trip, and others wanted to ditch the ground tent and sleep somewhere dry, quiet and more comfortable. Another customer was thinking about building their own DIY sleeping platform for car camping but chose the Hideaway because it's easily removable and lightweight, and requires no tools or permanent installation. Yet another decided on the Hideaway over a buying a travel trailer so they could be more self-contained and save their budget for bigger adventures. Whatever your reason, there’s nothing like crawling into a cozy, quiet vehicle cabin to sleep, and leaving the rain, mosquitos and nighttime critters outside.


sleeping in the back of a subaru forester with a pacific adventure works hideaway sleeping platform

So far, some of the most popular customer vehicles are exactly those you’d expect people to take car camping. Most are SUVs and crossovers but there are some truck and wagon adventurers in the mix too, plus a few classics. Bottom line is that if you can sleep in it, we fit it. Here’s a list of the most popular vehicles our customers are sleeping in:

Vehicle Hideaway Sizes Leg Kit
‘21-’24 Ford Bronco Sport Single, Double Uneven
‘20-’24 Ford Explorer Single, Double Flat
‘14-’24 Ford Transit Single, Double, XL Flat
Ford F150 Single, Double, XL Flat
‘03-’11 Honda Element Single, Double, XL Flat
‘17-’24 Honda CRV Single, Double Uneven
Ineos Grenadier Single, Double, XL Step
Jeep Wrangler 4-door (JLU, JKU, JT) Single, Double Uneven
‘11-’20 Jeep Grand Cherokee Single, Double Uneven
‘20- ’24 Land Rover Defender Single, Double Uneven
‘86- ‘93 Mitsubishi Delica Single, Double, XL Flat
Nissan Frontier Single, Double, XL Flat
‘14-’16 Subaru Forester Single, Double Uneven
‘20-’24 Subaru Outback Wilderness Single, Double Flat
‘10-’24 Toyota 4Runner Single, Double, XL Step
‘20-’24 Toyota Highlander Single, Double Uneven
Toyota Landcruiser Single, Double, XL Flat
‘19-’24 Toyota Rav4 Single, Double Uneven
Toyota Tacoma Single, Double, XL Flat



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