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What's the best size Hideaway for your setup?

The Hideaway Sleeping Platform

hideaway double sleeping platform in subaru forester
animated stop motion visual of sleeping platform being installed.

The fastest route from picket fences to open spaces and back again.

closer shot of two vehicles on a baja surf trip

On your next camping trip, sleep in your car.

There's plenty of room in there. It's warm, dry, safe, and quiet – plus, no tent flapping in the wind. But when you pop the rear seats down, you realize they don't lie flat. And you need that floor space for your camp boxes, cooler, table and chairs. 

You need a platform. But not a permanent one. It needs to fit your vehicle. Height adjustable would be nice too. And how about making it packable for easy storage in your car or at home?

We had the same idea.

awesome view of back of landcruiser with open trunk showing gear

A bit about us

We are lifetime outdoor enthusiasts and have worked for a lot of the "big guys" in the outdoor gear industry. We know that the best products come from designers and engineers who actually use the products they develop. Our sleeping platform is no different. After its christening on a surf trip to Baja it's been tested, tweaked, and abused until we loved the end result.

We believe in not making sh*t. The world has too much of it already – cheap materials, planned obsolescence, and gear you can't repair. We refuse to be another junk product that you buy because you need some retail therapy. We make stuff that will work for a long time. Weekend after weekend, year after year.  We want you to get outside and enjoy time with your friends and family. 

Take a break from the day to day, shut off the phone, talk to one another, and be a human again.  It’s easier than you think to get out there – you don’t need a sparkly new van or truck to go camping. Just use what you have! You certainly may not need our sleeping platform either, but if you do see value in what we make then we welcome you to the Pacific Adventure Works fam.

We are our first customers and if it works for us, we trust it will work for you too.

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